Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hello everyone! We will be away for a short break and will bring in more goodies in December. WE have to clear everything and yes, business as usual but there wouldn't be any updates for the moment. :)

All sales items ------> price as quoted . ( refer to the post below )

Thank you. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Massive clearance sales! :)

** All the sold out items have been removed from this blog **
All BF shirts are priced at 1 for RM 33; 2 for RM 60. :)

From left to right:
RM 33*| RM 33*

From left to right:
RM 28*| RM 26* | RM 15*

From left to right:
RM 28*|RM 33* | RM 20*

Last Pieces

RM 32 | RM 18 |RM 36

Click on the picture for more pictures! :)
If you see * beside the quoted price, kindly click on the photo to view other available colours. :)

Drop us an email! :)

We will try to reply you within 24 hours. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Make It Yours

Black Size S (available) White Size S (available)
White Size M (available)
Black Size L (available) White Size L (available)

RM 38

Material: Thick Quality Cotton

Foldable sleeves, smoked around waist, super fitting, good workmanship, casual/working purpose

Layflat measurements:
Size S
Pit to pit: 17.5"
One side shoulder: 4"
Waist (smoked around waist) : 12"
Hip :18"
Length: 29"

Size M
Pit to pit: 18 "
One side shoulder: 4.5"
Waist (smoked around waist ) : 14"
Hip: 20"
Length: 30"

Size L
Pit to pit: 18.5"
One side shoulder: 5.0"
Waist (smoked around waist) : 16"
Hip: 22"
Length: 31"

Black Beauty

Black Size M (available) *fits S ladies*
Black Size L (available) *fits M ladies*

RM 33

Good Quality Cotton

Free belt, foldable sleeves, pleated, good workmanship, casual.

Size M
Pit to pit: 18 "
One side shoulder: 4.5"
Length: 27.5"

Size L
Pit to pit: 18.5"
One side shoulder: 4.7"
Length: 28"

Pink Panther

Shocking Pink (available)

RM 35

will be announced soon

Big compartment, outstanding, you can even carry a laptop inside! :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Colours Available: White

Price: RM 29

Free Size; loose fit
Material: Quality Silk

*Very unique piece
*Shiny details at the bottom
*Details at the neckline make this piece outstanding
*Side zip
* Match it with a belt and tube as modeled;
you are good to go
* Tie at the back; very unique
*Casual outfit for any occasion
* Tube and belt not included.

Length: 78 cm

Status: Available

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bubbly girl

Close up

Close up

Back view

True colours

Status: Dark green (Last piece),
Purple( Sold),
Grey(Sold ),
Pink (Last piece)

Price : RM 39 for 1 piece
RM 69 for 2 pieces

Size: Fits UK 4 to UK 10
Material: Quality Cotton

*Can be a top or dress( petite)
* Very comfy
*Smoky back
*Non functional buttons
*Good workmanship

*Clinchers are sold separately; please refer to the post below. :)

Length: to be announced soon


From left to right: Silver, Brown, Pure White
*true colour*

Silver(last piece),

Price : RM 49

Size: S
Material: Thick quality silk

*Quality guaranteed
* Very comfy
*Pleated at the bottom
* Side zip
* Free Belt
*Good workmanship
* Perfect outfit for work or any casual occasion;

*Clinchers are sold separately; please refer to the post below. :)

Length: to be announced soon

Rachel Denim Eyelets

hold on, pull it down it can be a skirt! ^^Put on a clincher, you certainly look bubbly too!

Status: Denim Dark Blue (sold),
Denim Light Blue (available)
, Denim Dark Grey (available),
Denim Light Grey (available)

Price: RM 35

Size: Fits UK4 to UK10
Material: Upper part ; Quality Denim
Bottom part ; Good quality cotton

* Smoked back for perfect fitting
* Side zip
*Double layered
* Pretty eyelets pattern
*Wear it as a tube top or tube dress.
* Super good workmanship

Length: 60 cm

Sunshine Crochet Polka Dot Dress

Black(sold) ,
Purple (available)

Price: RM 35

Size: Fits UK6to UK10
Material: Upper part: Crochet
Bottom part: Cotton + Chiffon

* Smoked back
* Crochet pattern beautifully stitched (upper part)
*Small polka dots (bottom part)
* Little bit of layering at the bottom of the dress
* Wear it with or without a tube ;if you are daring enough! :) You still look bubbly!
* Tube not included.

Length: 80 cm

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Status: Last piece in white size M
*due to back out of buyer*

Colours Available: Blue (Size S), White (Size M) , Black (Size S)

Restocked on 23/03/09: White (Size S) (sold out)

Restocked on 27/03/09 : White(Size M) x1 (reserved)
White (Size S) x2 (sold out)

Price: RM 43

Size : S , M
Material:Thick Quality Cotton

*Belt included.
*Very comfy
*Perfect cutting
*Functional buttons
*For work or college

Size S
Bust : 36cm
Length :60cm

Size M
Bust :39cm
Length: 63cm


Drop us an email at; shall you have any enquiries or feedback; we promise we will get back to you as soon as possible! :) Happy Shopping with us gals! Love, Rachel, Carmen, Tiffany

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